Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Secret

We share reflections from Father Robert's homily for the Eleventh Sunday of the Year:

The secret of the kingdom is the experience of God explaining to you in secret that, without you in any way deserving it, the God of unlimited goodness and truth has already chosen to love you and share with you his divine love. This is the revelation of something which transcends all the changes of time and space. It exceeds the reach of thoughts like good and bad. It is beyond all the achievements of the human imagination or the functions of the bodily senses or the grasp of the intellect. It is my exposure to the unlimited nature of divine love in a way that stories and parables can only set me up for. The kingdom of God is our invitation to share in this unlimited way of loving and being. The secret of how this is revealed is the mystery of the Incarnation.

Photograph by Michel Raguin.