Sunday, April 10, 2016


   In this morning's homily Father Isaac invited us to experience imaginatively what encountering the newly risen Jesus might have been like for his disciples. After the brutal passion and horrific execution of Jesus and the seeming end to the whole story with his entombment, what could it have been like to experience an unprecedented encounter with the now risen Jesus- unexpectedly, vividly, undeniably present, self-possessed and engaging? You cannot talk yourself out of the truth of his risen presence with you, and yet how stunning, frightening, bewildering such an encounter must have been. Such is the radical character of the event we name the Resurrection of Jesus.
   Truly the Resurrection changes everything for Jesus as well as for each of us as members of his Body. Death no longer has the final word. Even now we live continually in the presence of Jesus the Risen One. And he desires that we be with him for all eternity. This is our reality, our destiny, our hope as Christians.
Photographs by Brother Brian.