Friday, January 13, 2017


Because Jesus sees into the heart, he knows well that what burdens the paralyzed man in today’s Gospel most of all. It is the burden of his shame. For he knows the painful truth: his paralysis is the direct consequence of sin (maybe the sin of his parents, but probably his own sin.) He knows it; everybody in the town knows it, all decent Jews in Jesus’ day believed it. Sin leaves its mark; sin causes sickness. And so we can imagine he was reluctant, embarrassed to have four buddies carry him to Jesus, for he is sure that he deserves to be paralyzed. It’s probably his fault. Case closed. Dead end. Most truly human, most truly divine, Jesus our Lord comes to this dead end and says simply, "Child, your sins are forgiven" and then heals him. Jesus unburdens.

Trusting in the prayers of Saint Hilary who so ardently defended Jesus’ true divinity, let us beg Jesus, our Lord, God with us, to forgive us our sins.