Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Leper

In this morning’s Gospel, Jesus dares to touch an unclean leper; he stretches out his hand to him, as he will on the cross, and he heals him. The compassion of God has invaded the earth; the kingdom is happening in and through Christ Jesus our Lord. Jesus proclaims and enacts the kingdom, with compassion and healing down to his very fingertips. Jesus restores this man to family, kinsfolk, and friends. He restores him to connectivity and relationship. He no longer needs to be isolated or shunned. Compassion will not allow that. Such is the truth of our belovedness in Christ - we all belong to God and to one another; no one is to be excluded or isolated. Jesus enacts what he will pray for, what he will die for - that all may be one in love and in compassion. This is the costly, exquisitely compassionate way to be kingdom.

Photograph by Brother Brian. Reflection with thanks to Father Isaac.