Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Ordinariness is where the Lord most always comes to meet us. God in Christ has come to be ordinary. Why else would he choose to be a child, why else a carpenter and a wandering teacher? Why else allow himself to be done in by thugs and jealous bureaucrats? Why else choose to be hidden in a morsel of bread on the altar? The ordinary is where God encounters us. God loves what is small and ordinary.

In the words of Luis Maria Martinez, “The divine Word belittled himself and he has remained pledged to smallness…he loves smallness…Jesus seeks smallness because he knows very well that there is nothing so truly great upon earth as that which is insignificant…small is the manger, small is the boat, narrow is the cross…He clothes the small with the immensity of his love, and to the little ones he entrusts great missions…” 

Vintage photograph of Father Adrian and Brother William in the early days at Trappist Preserves.