Thursday, March 28, 2013

On Holy Thursday

"I will not serve," man says to his Creator. "Then I will serve you," his Creator says to man. "You sit down, I will minister, I will wash your feet. You rest; I will bear your weariness, your infirmities. Use me as you like in all your needs, not only as your slave but also as your beast of burden and as your property. If you are tired or burdened I will carry both you and your burden.

Marveling at the breadth of Christ's love for us revealed in His passion, our Cistercian Father, Guerric of Igny puts these words on Christ's lips. 

Will I allow Christ Jesus to wash my feet?

Lines from First Sermon for Palm Sunday by Guerric of Igny.
Photograph of the Holy Thursday Mandatum ceremony in the Abbey Chapterhouse.