Tuesday, April 23, 2013


A monk follows the common life in his monastery. The law of the common life is this: unity of spirit in the charity of God, the bond of peace in the mutual and unbroken love of all the brothers, communion in sharing all goods.

The brothers are to bear their infirmities with great patience and to serve one another humbly. They are to support by prayer and by other appropriate means those who are weak, troubled or unwell. The sick, the aged and the dying are to be surrounded with a care that is attentive and affectionate.

All the brothers are called to mutual care, mutual co-operation and mutual obedience. All are to be concerned for the spiritual state of the community, knowing that the good zeal of one is a help to all, whereas bitter zeal is a hindrance.

Photograph by Brother Brian
Excerpts from the Constitutions of the Monks