Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pentecost Sunday

We share some excerpts from Father Abbot's homily for this Solemnity:

There is always more when it comes to God. God always has more for us- as much as we can bear. In a way, we can say that the Holy Spirit is God’s more- God’s overflowing more for each one of us. So, how much can we bear? How much of God’s love can we bear?

The Spirit guides each one of us in countless and diverse ways. There are absolutely no circumstances in our personal life journeys that exclude the Spirit’s presence. When we sin, the Spirit guides us into repentance. When we are sick, the Spirit guides us into strength and healing. When we face death, the Spirit will guide us into the fullness of life. So, how can we remain open and receptive to the Spirit’s guidance? To my mind there is one essential condition for such openness and receptivity. We need moments in our lives when we can be still, when we can be silent, when we can listen.

Take a deep breath and listen to and listen for the Spirit of God breathing on you, breathing into you, breathing you. And what does the voice of the Lord carried on the Divine Breath say to us, to each one of us? "You are my beloved child in whom I delight." My brothers and sisters, take a few moments on this Pentecost Day, take a few moments every day if possible, and let go of all the inner noise, stop the interior dialog and allow God to delight in you.