Sunday, June 9, 2013

He was moved with pity

Once again in this morning's Gospel we see the real power of the compassion of Christ. He is the God who feels with us, understands us and our needs, our deepest desires. And so when we “pray always without becoming weary,” we express our trust in the attention of a loving God who wants our good. And like today's widow, we can expect great things.

Our faith is expressed in our praying; we reach out without giving up because we trust Someone is listening.  Prayer is indeed a relationship. And if in prayer we are relating to God, to Christ, then we are in relationship with a Someone who is completely Other, completely Mystery. In prayer we grow in intimacy with this Mystery who loves us. We become more and more accustomed to believing that God is going to work something out, even when we don’t understand God’s ways. We wait, we live in hope, “a hope that will not disappoint.”

Photograph of the crucifix above the high altar by Charles O'Connor.