Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Work

We monks of Saint Joseph's Abbey have inaugurated a new monastic industry, as dictated by fiscal necessity. We are brewing a blond refectory ale, suitable to accompany a meal.  After thorough communal discussion and discernment Father Abbot trusted that this would be a work consonant with our monastic endeavor. For as our Constitutions tell us, 

Work, especially manual work, has always enjoyed special esteem in the Cistercian tradition since it gives the monks the opportunity of sharing in the divine work of creation and restoration, and of following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. This hard and redeeming work is a means of providing a livelihood for the brothers and for other people, especially the poor. It expresses solidarity with all workers. Moreover work is an occasion for a fruitful asceticism that fosters personal development and maturity. It promotes health of mind and body and contributes greatly to the unity of the whole community. 

The site was blessed in the Fall of 2012, and brewing began a year or so later. You can learn more at May the Lord prosper this work of our hands.

Photographs by Brother Daniel