Thursday, April 24, 2014


This morning we see Jesus sneak in to visit his frightened disciples even though the doors are locked. He returns without recriminations or regrets, no reproaches. Think of all the things he could have said: “You left me, you denied me. You feel asleep. How could you have done this?” But he’ll have none of it. He is utterly defenseless, wounded, disfigured forever by his passion. The scene is absolutely astounding in its simplicity. He is essentially silent, almost forlorn, coming through the locked doors as if on tiptoe. Jesus simply says, “Peace.” He offers them the gift of silent acceptance and unconditional love. Peace. He gladly shows the disciples his wounds, the holes that love has made in his heart, in his hands and feet. And here at last in silence He teaches us with his Body. He shows us his wounds and so reveals God’s forgiving love in and through his own disfigured humanity.* For on the cross he has given himself completely and so has made known God’s great love for us. His wounds are the signs of this love, God’s wonderful secret, they make clear what love has done to God’s heart to God’s beautiful body. God is wounded forever out of love for us. No wonder the apostles are glad. No wonder Jesus delights to quietly show us his wounds for they show how much he loves us. 

*See Nathan Mitchell, Worship, March 2006.