Monday, June 16, 2014

Saint Lutgard

Saint Lutgard, died on this day, June 16, in 1246. Her biographer relates that once in prayer she experienced the Our Lord offering her whatever gift of grace she might desire. Lutgard asked for a better grasp of Latin, that she might better understand the Word of God and lift her voice more fluently in choral praise. After a few days, Lutgard’s mind was flooded with the riches of psalms, antiphons, readings and responsories. And yet she found herself feeling quite empty. She returned to Jesus and asked if she might exchange her gift. Jesus asked her, “For what would you exchange it?" “Lord,” said Lutgard, “I would exchange it for your Heart.” Jesus answered, "Rather, it is I who wish your heart.” Lutgard responded, “So be it Lord, as long  as you mix in your heart’s love with mine; and I own my heart only in you, now being safe for all time under your protection.”

Photograph of the old town pond at the Abbey. Reflection by Father Timothy