Thursday, January 22, 2015

Brother Paul

We mourn the loss of our Brother Paul Forster, who passed away quietly in the Abbey infirmary on Monday afternoon. The community had gathered in his room the evening before to pray the prayers for the dying.

Brother Paul was born  in Union City, NJ in 1922. He was a veteran of  World War II, serving in Europe as a teletypewriter mechanic. In 1950 he entered the Abbey and through the years continually contributed his mechanical skills. He helped in establishing our monastic foundations in Snowmass, Colorado and Azul, Argentina. And here at Spencer he was the principal electrician and builder, overseeing the construction and maintenance of the Abbey's main wood-chip burning heating system. He also loved to putter in his beautiful garden.

God our Father, the death of our Brother Paul recalls our human condition and the brevity of our lives here on earth. But for those who believe in your love, death is not the end nor can it destroy the bonds of love you create in our lives. We bless and thank you for the life of Brother Paul, for the love and joy he brought. Fill us with the light of Jesus’ resurrection in this time of sorrow, as we pray for Brother Paul and those who loved him.