Friday, March 6, 2015


Fr. Michael Casey reminds us that "renunciation is an evangelical imperative which is an attempt to eliminate anything that could obstruct, distract from or substitute for the love of Christ." Indeed, all of our attempts at Lenten observance whether fasting, almsgiving or efforts to make more time for prayer, all of this is valid, useful, truly Gospel-driven only if it leads to love, greater love for Christ and for all the members of his body. Lent means springtime, a time for new growth in love. It is never, ever about spiritual athleticism or toughing it out until a great splurge at Easter. It is all about making room for love. We give up other bodily "delights," Casey reminds us, so that we can be more available to "delight" in loving Christ Jesus our Lord and our sisters and brothers in him. Love is the only reason.   Photo by Father Emmanuel.