Monday, September 14, 2015

The Triumph of the Cross

Peter’s confession is a breakthrough, a burst of light. Why is that he is able to proclaim with such boldness, “You are the Messiah”? And what keeps him on the road with Jesus despite his failure to understand Jesus when he begins to talk about his destiny?

Jesus’ question calls Peter and the disciples to make a judgment, and Peter as their spokesman makes it. It is the courage of his public proclamation, “You are the Christ”, that is the condition for the possibility of all else that follows in his life on the “way” with Jesus. Peter has a long way to go before his sight comes to full clarity, but this decision continues him on his way. Up until now, he and his fellow disciples, although they have gone so far as to make the commitment to follow Jesus, have nevertheless remained among the crowd of those who have been floating various opinions about the identity of Jesus. But now Peter’s proclamation, has set them apart.“You are the Messiah”

To be on the way as a Christian means that it is not enough to know or profess the truth, the truth must also be done. There are times when this is quite difficult. But the way of Jesus is not a dreary way of resignation. By walking with Jesus we create the condition for the possibility of him initiating us into his world, into what he loves. By putting on his mind we become like him, we learn to love what he loves, delight in what he delights in, and share in the joy that is his in the Father and the Holy Spirit.

As we celebrate today the Triumph of the Cross, we rejoice because by his passion, death and resurrection Jesus has not left us alone and unaided but has given us his Spirit and his Church, who with her sacraments, teaching and example of her saints, shows us the way to go and provides us the nourishment necessary for the journey. The cross of Christ is truly the way to life.

Picture by Brother Brian. Reflection by Father Timothy.