Saturday, March 5, 2016


We mourn the passing of our Brother James Donohoe who went peacefully to the Lord last evening at 10:15. James entered the monastery on 12 October 1969, and like most of the monks worked at a variety of jobs during his monastic life. He was by turns farm hand, floor manager at Trappist Preserves production, and for the past several years he has been indispensable as purchaser and general factotum at The Holy Rood Guild. Always at the ready service of the brethren and our many lay employees, Brother James will invariably remembered for his generosity and availability; he would leave everything to do a favor or run a quick errand.
A strong man who could accomplish any difficult task with ease, James was also exquisitely sensitive- to a hint of light, the delicacy of a small blossom, a nuance in music. We remember his prowess at word play and his wonderful punning. James loved poetry and was himself a poet. As Holy Week approaches, one brother recalls a Holy Thursday some years ago: after a brief unseasonable snowfall Brother James remarked that the quiet whiteness was like His Body before the shedding of His precious Blood.

May Brother James rest with Our Lord in peace.