Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Vast Progression

All of us, all of creation is in a vast progression toward God in Christ. He is our beginning, our way and our ultimate goal. And the invitation is to see our lives with God’s eyes- as an extravagant, endless symphony rather than a tired sequence of frames in a comic strip, puny disconnected episodes of good and bad choices; good days, sinful days; times when I was nice, times when I was naughty, all in an endless, bored alternation. Forget it. The truth is we always go to God as sinners. This is not to trivialize our sins or relativize our bad choices. We absolutely need to be vigilant and try to make the wise and loving choice always. 

But the truth is something much bigger than we often imagine. God in Christ is endlessly, urgently drawing us to himself, longing to mercy us. It’s as if Jesus has the car running and wants us to get on with it, to get going, to forget ourselves and live the kingdom. He desperately wants us to get caught up in the “general dance,” as Merton once called it, continually allowing mercy and doing mercy. Christ is drawing us, and our work is nonresistance, so that we may be continually drawn by the love of the wounded Savior who has given up everything for us and longs to bring us back to God our Father. It’s happening now, vast and all encompassing. Let us join in the "general dance."

Photograph by Brother Brian.