Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jesus with Zacchaeus

Moved by grace Zacchaeus climbs a tree so that he can get a glimpse of Jesus as he passes. Jesus pauses and gazes intently at Zacchaeus. This gaze of Jesus floods into Zacchaeus' consciousness with an abundance of loving kindness, benignity and goodness. And then Jesus says that he wants to stay with him, and Zacchaeus is transformed in that instant. The experience of being loved divinely empowers him to make room for Jesus to abide with him. He pledges to give away his possessions. He is ready to endure the pain of loss; and even more significantly he commits himself to draw near to those he has defrauded, to draw closer to their pain and to make things right again with each of them. Divine love has flowed into human brokenness and brought healing and transformation.

Photograph of cottage pathway by Brother Brian. Meditation inspired by  Father Isaac's Sunday homily.