Tuesday, December 19, 2017


As the great Solemnity of the Lord's Nativity draws near, we try to remember how to wonder.

Wonder beckons us to notice, to step into God’s world, to see as God sees, and to take nothing for granted. Wonder can be poisoned by cynicism and the need to analyze or trivialize or dissect, or by a silence of negativity, withdrawal. And our response may become: "It’s just too ordinary after all" - whether it be the subtlety of light falling upon a monastery wall, a butterfly bobbing over a garden full of lilies, the kindness of a friend or a little Child napping in the hay.

This is the scandal of God’s enfleshment, God has become ordinary and has come looking for his creatures. It is wonderful, unprecedented, beyond belief - we do not have to understand - it is alright not to understand - we only have to wonder. We can let go of questioning and simply wonder, trusting that God wants to give himself to us. To allow Christ in means we do not have to understand- instead, we wonder, we believe. We pay attention to his moving towards us. For this, we must be silent. 

Dear friends just sent us this picture of their grandchild.