Saturday, October 13, 2018

Our Lady on Saturday

It is our joy to celebrate this ordinary Saturday in honor of Our Lady. Saint Bernard says that above all what has drawn God to Mary is her humility. God finds it utterly irresistible. We arrive at humility by a route very different than Our Lady’s, but it can give us the same irresistible quality. We do it through, what we call in the monastery, bitter self-knowledge – the realization that we are sinners beloved by God, humbly acknowledging that we have nothing to boast of before God but our weakness. This humility allows God to be God for us, for when things fall apart we seek the only One who can restore us to wholeness, peace and joy. We rejoice because through the Virgin Mary God has chosen to be part of our fragmentation and restoration.

An etching by Margaret Walters, (1924 - 1971).