Tuesday, June 30, 2020

In The Same Boat

As Jesus got into a boat, his disciples followed him.
Suddenly a violent storm came up on the sea,
so that the boat was being swamped by waves;
but he was asleep.
They came and woke him, saying,
“Lord, save us!  We are perishing!”
He said to them, “Why are you terrified, O you of little faith?”
Then he got up, rebuked the winds and the sea,
and there was great calm.
The men were amazed and said, “What sort of man is this,
whom even the winds and the sea obey?” Matthew 8

Today's Gospel narrative strikes us as one of the most humorous in all of Scripture. If the boat was being swamped by waves, wasn't Jesus getting soaked? Clearly exhausted after a full day of preaching and healing, Our Lord naps peacefully while a storm rages. The Man was definitely a very heavy sleeper.

We imagine him, suddenly roused by the disciples. He wipes his face with one hand, then runs both hands over his dripping hair. He rises and with a finger to his lips, he says, "Shhhh. Quiet down." - to his disciples and to the sea. Amazement. Grateful peace. 

The Lord Jesus is in the same boat as we; soaked to the bone, with us in all that rages around and within us. We long more and more to yield control and relax into his loving presence.