Thursday, December 12, 2013

At Guadalupe

Mary is not only a model and an anticipation of our own vocation and destiny.  Mary is perennially and actively at the center of what Pope Francis has recently called “the revolution of tenderness", as its maternal agent.  Because of the irreversible structure God expressly gave to the work of Redemption, Mary remains the perpetual Mother of Grace. The dynamic favor Mary received as Mother of God continues operating fruitfully throughout history because from the outset it was a grace for others.  Mary is saved only insofar as she is mother.  In her we behold, in utter amazement, how the act of the will of one creature vitally, essentially affects the eternal destiny of all other creatures, not only in the “then” of history but especially in the “now” of our lives.  

We rejoice in the love and protection of the Virgin at Guadalupe, our Mother and Protector.

Reflection by Father Simeon.