Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Upside Down

The message of Advent is that Someone is coming who will reverse things, even restore our lost innocence. This is the God of upsidedowness, the God for whom nothing is impossible. Isaiah paints the picture of such a world for us. There arid deserts are bursting with fragrant blossoms, and lambs are snacking together with wolves. Leopards are napping with baby goats, and young calves and lions are strolling together. Cows and bears are now best friends, and babies are playing with cobras. God's reign has begun. Soon the deaf hear the dumb rejoicing, the blind see the lame leaping for joy, barren wives are suddenly fruitful and a young virgin named Mary is pregnant with God, who longs to be a gurgling baby boy. Someone we desperately need and long for is very near.