Sunday, February 9, 2014

Becoming Light

As Father Luke commented in today's homily, it is truly amazing that Jesus, who is himself Light of the World, names us-  light of the world. 

One monk recently told us this story of his experience during prayer some years ago. He was on a retreat and became distracted by the memory of a dear friend, the great good times they had shared, his friend's beauty and real goodness. And he felt guilty, fearing he was stealing time from the Lord. Then he sensed the Lord somehow saying deep within his heart, "How else would you know what I was like?" 

Indeed, without the love of those we love, the care and attention of our brothers and friends, how would we know what Jesus looks like, acts like, who he wants to be for us? How else would we perceive his light? Jesus is truly our Light. We are invited to become more and more like Him light for the world, light for one another.