Wednesday, May 21, 2014


In this morning's Gospel Jesus asks us to remain in him as he remains in us and because he wants to be so united with us,  he adds that without him we can do nothing.

God is always moving toward us, drawing us. God wants to reveal himself and engage us. We come to understand this towardness of God in Christ, who shows in his life, passion , death and rising that God indeed wants to give himself away to us always. 

And so we must understand that if we desire union with God in Christ, he wants it more than we do. We may be afraid of making a wrong move. But God is for us, he wants us to love and choose rightly in freedom and joy, empowered by his love. God has made us for himself; he wants our flourishing, our freedom and happiness. God very desperately wants to be with us. His very powerful compassion envelops and embraces us, and so we are able to be unafraid.