Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Belonging to God

In a recent letter Pope Francis reminds us that the “consecrated life is beautiful, one of the most precious treasures of the Church, rooted in the baptismal vocation." He continues, “The Father forms the heart of the Son in those whom the Spirit has called." And so, candidates for the religious life need “big hearts…capable of receiving all, hearts rich in mercy, full of tenderness."  
With obvious joy, the Holy Father tells us that, “there is nothing more beautiful in life than to belong forever and with all one’s heart to God, and to give one’s life for the service of others.” He concludes, “there is great freedom in an obedient life, great fruitfulness in a virgin heart, great richness in not possessing anything.” We pray that more and more we may open our hearts to the Lord and all he desires.

Excerpts from the Address to Formators of Consecrated Men and Women, given by Pope Francis on April 13, 2015. Photograph by Brother Brian.