Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mary our Queen

Mary, as an ordinary human being, represents all of us and each of us. Mary represents every human being who attempts to respond to God’s loving summons. Julian of Norwich the 14th century visionary, saw the Blessed Virgin Mary in one of her visions. And Christ revealed to her the “high, marvelous and singular love: he has for “this sweet Maiden his Blessed Mother.” Julian understood that in Mary “our Lord speaks to all humankind that shall be saved as if it were all to one person, as if he said ‘Do you want to see in her how you are loved?’" Julian adds that in contemplating Mary, her truth, wisdom and love, “I may learn to know myself.” Julian invites us to contemplate Mary, not so much in order "to see in her what we must do" but “to see in her how we are loved.” 

As Christians we love the Mother of God because, beyond all desire or deserving she was made the Mother of God. Where Mary is, we are to be. As Mary is, we are to be. We are loved by God with the same love that he loves Mary.

Madonna by Sandro Botticelli. Reflection by Father Damian.