Sunday, October 15, 2017


Christ Jesus wants more of each of us. What the more is, each of us probably knows somewhere, way down in the depth of our own heart. Each of us will be asked now or later on to give the more we are capable of offering, all that we have to live on. Perhaps for some of us, a bit of dawdling might seem the cushion we need when life gets to be too much. But Jesus asks us for a bit more. Clearly, we hear the divine impatience with anything that might impede Christ Jesus’ access to our hearts. He wants us to come to him for everything we need. His loving regard is healing, drawing us, calling us away from all the stuff to become “all fire” in him, poor with him even unto the cross.

He wants everything. And in the Eucharist, he promises to give us everything— his very self. For he is our inheritance, our hope, our fulfillment, well worth all he asks of us now. Riches, accomplishments- whether spiritual or material- are nothing in comparison with him. 

Crucifixion from Miserere by Georges Rouault.