Thursday, September 20, 2018

To the Cross

As we celebrate the Martyrs of Korea today, it is wise to remember that the cross happens when we love…or try to. And as we take up our cross, Jesus is our brave and compassionate companion along the way. In following him, we are made one with him. And he invites us to imitate him – in patience and hope in our Father’s most loving regard for us always.

Love always gives itself away; it cannot be unaffected by the beloved’s troubles. As each morning we go up to the altar for Holy Communion, we go up to the cross, where Christ’s body was first offered, where the bread that is his body, God’s wheat, was finely baked in the heat of his passion. May the passion of Christ Jesus our Lord become our own more and more, as we eat his body and drink his blood.

Vintage photo of the Abbey church.