Saturday, December 29, 2018

With Mary at Christmas

Mary ponders and treasures. Perhaps this is how we are meant to let the meaning of Jesus’ birth come alive in us. Such pondering isn’t about explaining or analyzing. It is about wondering and discovering. Silent treasuring and pondering seem to be the way of Mary. Might it also be our way? The Christmas gift she is offering us with her Son? She knows that her Son is the Way. 

What do you treasure about Jesus’ birth? What treasure does his birth hold for you? What does your pondering reveal about him; about you; about the life that he now shares with you? How would your life look and feel; how would it be different if you carried Jesus’ birth within you? The ‘continuing incarnation’; the incarnation which began in the womb of Mary is never ending; it continues in our lives.

Excerpt from Abbot Damian's homily for Christmas Eve.