Thursday, January 24, 2019

Put All Things Aside

My happiness lies in you alone...Your will is my delight.

Our life in the monastery makes us available to be drawn as completely, as immediately, as constantly as the disciples were - to be completely open, vulnerable to the compelling presence of Christ. He beckons us even now. And it is never too late to love him with all our heart, all our soul, all our strength. Perhaps we feel that there is always too little to give, but it is never ever too late to give all that we can, for he is incessantly drawing us to himself.

The bells are our constant summons to put all things aside. “The monks will always be ready to arise without delay when the signal is given,” says St. Benedict. “On hearing the signal the monk will immediately set aside what he has in hand and go with utmost speed.” Such attentiveness is grace and gracefulness. And it is why we have come here,  a way to name our deepest desire. At the first stirrings of his call, were not our hearts burning within us? Let us go to him once again without hesitation, without a second thought, for our desire is itself his gift and his desire for us. 

Photograph by Father Emmanuel. Meditation by one the monks.