Sunday, July 7, 2019


Our annual week-long retreat begins today, a time for greater silence and focus; a time of less work and more time for quiet prayer. As we move into this subtle shift in our rhythm, we remember why we have come to this place; we are aware of our desire and Christ's desire coinciding. And so we recall the words of a favorite antiphon that we sing, a paraphrase of the words of Jesus: “Come away awhile to a desert place and watch and pray with me to the Father. Listen to the Word, dwelling within the silence.” Sister Maureen from our Cistercian monastery in Wrentham will give us talks each morning.

All week long we want to open our hearts to the loving presence of the Lord Jesus in all things, drawing us to Himself over and over. We send our prayers to all follow this blog, to all our benefactors and all our friends and neighbors. 

Photograph by Father Emmanuel.