Sunday, July 28, 2019

Seventeenth Sunday

Our readings today remind us, encourage us to pray and never lose heart. Certainly, the Abraham story in the First Reading shows us that God will not be impatient but instead responsive to our insistence and persistence, like the good and gracious Father that he is.

And in the Gospel story Jesus shows us that our Father will be at least as attentive as a groggy friend awoken in the middle of the night. We must keep asking for what we want, what we think we need. We go to our Father, to whom else could we go. God understands, God listens, always. Our praying with confidence and persistence is a revelation of our faith and our creatureliness. Asking and depending, we open our hearts to the Mystery that God is – tender, very near, amazingly attentive but ever hidden and beyond us. God answers our prayers in God’s time, in God’s way. We are grateful, we trust.

Photograph by Brother Brian.