Sunday, August 4, 2019


Communities which are entirely dedicated to contemplation, so that their members in solitude and silence, with constant prayer and penance willingly undertaken, occupy themselves with God alone, retain at all times, no matter how pressing the needs of the active apostolate may be, an honorable place in the Mystical Body of Christ, whose "members do not all have the same function." For these offer to God a sacrifice of praise which is outstanding. Moreover, the manifold results of their holiness lend luster to the people of God which is inspired by their example and which gains new members by their apostolate,which is as effective as it is hidden. Thus, they are revealed to be a glory of the Church and a well-spring of heavenly graces... The principal duty of monks is to offer a service to the divine majesty at once humble and noble within the walls of the monastery...
Excerpts from Perfectae Caritatis 

Seeking Jesus alone as our Treasure, we desire to live out these sacred ideals.