Friday, May 1, 2020


When the tools are put in their places and the day’s
work is done,
When between Carmel and the Jordan, Israel falls
asleep in the wheatfields and the night,
As when he was once a young boy and it began to get
too dark for reading,
Joseph enters with a deep sight into conversation
with God.
He preferred Wisdom and she had been brought to him
for marriage.
He is as silent as the earth when the dew rises,
He feels the fullness of night, and he is at ease
with joy and with truth.
Mary is in his possession and he surrounds her
on all sides.
It is not in a single day he learned how not to be
alone anymore.
A woman won over each part of his heart which
is now prudent and fatherly.
Again he is in Paradise with Eve!
The face which all men need turns with love
 and submission toward Joseph.
It is no longer the same prayer and no longer
the ancient waiting since he has felt
Like an arm suddenly without hate the pressure
of his profound and innocent being.
It is no longer bare Faith in the night,
 it is love explaining and working.
Joseph is with Mary and Mary is with the Father.
   Paul Claudel

Saint Joseph tenderly and faithfully cared for Mary and Jesus in their home at Nazareth, their life “ordinary, obscure and laborious,” like our lives.