Sunday, July 26, 2020

Treasure & Pearl

Today’s Gospel of hidden treasure and of matchless pearl emphasizes the great value of what is discovered and the single-hearted response that this discovery calls forth. The struggle, the great cost to the discoverer is totally eclipsed by the unsurpassing treasure that is found, a treasure that is worth everything.*Like the wise scribe Jesus mentions at the end of today’s Gospel, we must let go of whatever impedes or is no longer useful as we seek God’s reign. Finding the treasure and selling all to acquire it demand, what the First Reading calls, "a wise and understanding heart,” a heart free to love, free to let go of all else because of love. We need clear vision, vision of simplicity even humility.

Make no mistake, the letting go is never easy. But He our pearl, our one treasure is worth all we can risk and surrender. For He is the one who proclaims and enfleshes God’s forgiveness. He has forgiven and freed me. Finding the treasure and selling all means I do as Jesus does, or I try to.

And then this most beautiful secret: Jesus Himself gives us Himself; God’s own Self, into our hands and hearts in the Eucharist. We come to know as we are known, and we can love as we are loved. For Love in flesh has gazed upon us in love. Love has descended into the darkness of our flesh- first into the dark mystery of Mary’s virginity, and this morning dropping, digging into the dark warmth of our mouths and throats and hearts, there to be dissolved in love into our very selves. In this great mystery of His outpouring, His lavish self-gift, He finds Himself to be most Himself when giving Himself away, finding in our humanity, in our flesh his treasure.

See Sacra Pagina: Matthew. Photograph by Brother Brian.