Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Our Weakness

Our weakness and temptations can be place of encounter with Christ. Down there with him we have the blessed opportunity to depend on him alone, to cry out in our helplessness and flee to him for refuge. Then he can save us, for his power is always completed in our weakness. Jesus is with us, and he shows us how to stand firm, grounded in our identity as beloved ones of God so that we can make the loving choice when faced with the possibility of doing otherwise. And most astounding of all, if we do give in to temptation, if we do sin, we have only to beg his mercy. He has promised always, always to bend down, pick us up, wash our wounds with the blood and water from his own wounded side and carry us home to the Father. What could be better than that?

Baptized into Christ Jesus, we are beloved in him. Death and evil, Satan and all his wiles, even when we feel like we’re up to our neck in temptation and sin- none of it ultimately has any power over us, we belong to Christ Jesus. He has won the victory for us once and for all and longs to fill us with himself more and more. 

Vintage photo from Our Lady of the Valley.