Sunday, October 11, 2020


Apparently, the custom was that special garments were handed out to guests upon entering a wedding feast, so that they would all blend in and not distract from the beauty of the married couple. The poor fellow who is chided for not wearing the proper attire then has refused to follow protocol. Our protocol as vagabond guests invited to the banquet in the kingdom is to accept in all humility the grace and mercy that will transform our sinfulness and misery. Jesus our Lord is all Mercy. When we clothe ourselves with Christ, we fit in, all of us saved sinners, remarkably beloved and clothed with divine mercy. The Lord is always welcoming us sinful vagabonds in from the byways to his royal Feast, the Holy Eucharist. He wants his hall, his Church to be filled with guests with whom he can share his very Self. 

Photograph by Father Emmanuel along with insights from his homily this morning.