Thursday, September 12, 2013


Saint Bernard says that above all what has drawn God to Mary is her humility. God finds it absolutely irresistible. Certainly we will come to our humility by a route very different than Our Lady’s, but it can give us the same irresistible quality. We can do it through our sinfulness, acknowledging that we have nothing to boast of before God but our weakness. It is after all the only thing about myself that I am absolutely confident about. Problem is it’s also the one thing I most want to deny. But this reality, this humility lets God be God. Said another way, when things fall apart then God can be God. Through Mary, God has chosen to be part, integral part of our fragmentation. As we celebrate today the "Name of Mary," we rejoice in the beauty and example of her humility and availability to all God desired to give her.
We post here a brief video of our procession to Mary's shrine on Assumption Day last month.

Video taken by Brother Jonah.