Monday, September 2, 2013

Brother Michael

Brother Michael received the novices' habit during this Sunday's Chapter. Michael came to us after many years as a successful funeral director in Pittsburgh. He brings gifts of faithfulness and generosity. We pray for his perseverance with us in the monastic life.  

In his chapter talk given after Brother's clothing ceremony, Abbot Damian shared with us words from a recent address of Pope Francis to the Augustinians. "Augustine does not close in on himself, he does not rest, he continues to search for the truth, the meaning of life, he continues to search for the face of God. Of course he makes mistakes, he also takes wrong paths, he sins, he is a sinner; but he does not lose the restlessness of the spiritual quest. And in this way he discovers that God was waiting for him...that He never gave up looking for him first."

Brother John, junior professed; Brother Daniel, Submaster of Novices; Brother Michael; Father Luke, Novicemaster; Brother Stephen, junior professed.

May our Brother Michael and all of us remember always that God is searching and longing for each one of us.

Photographs by Brother Jonah.