Friday, September 27, 2013


Besides this obligation to responsible stewardship, the other characteristic that defines a good servant is the ability to wait with heightened vigilance for the Master’s return. Love knows how to wait because, when the object of his love appears to be absent, the true lover will refuse to put another in its place.  The apparent absence of God, or if you wish God’s invisibility, challenges our love and fidelity to live continually by faith. As we heard, “faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen”. Our whole Christian existence should be shaped by absolute trust in Jesus’ promise to return to us as King of Glory. Our expectancy of Jesus, no matter how protracted, is not a mere upward gazing at an empty sky with open mouth. No:  Awaiting Jesus to show himself ought to motivate us to the most concrete attitudes and actions that will show that we, the little flock, the sons and daughters, the servants, are here and now the Body of Jesus filling the world with his presence and goodness. Jesus lives right now in the world and within history through us!  We are the presence of Jesus.  Do we really believe this, enough to act on it, enough to allow our hearts to be radically changed so as to become more fitting vessels for the life of God to inhabit this world?

Photograph by Brother Jonah. Reflection by Father Simeon.