Monday, September 9, 2013


Our life begins from scratch as a result of the call and our response to it, and this is why our specific vocation, and the life-form in which it casts us, is the full realization and ultimate consequence of our baptismal rebirth. Out of our nothingness Jesus shapes disciples, capable of understanding the motivations of his heart and obeying his will: capable, that is, of helping God and bringing delight to God!

Like a sculptor or potter Jesus is creating what he wants out of the shapeless clay of our natural persons, choosing us and taking us just as he finds us.  By going toward him we are entrusting ourselves fully into his creating and molding hands.  This movement toward Jesus, a real paschal  “exodus” out of our previous existence, requires courage and generosity because we know we shall not remain the same, and such awareness is, for our poor fallen nature, both thrilling and frightening.  Everything in our persons, histories, attitudes and lifestyle must now change, and continue evolving according to God’s secret design.

Photograph of Spencer sunrise by Charles O'Connor. Reflection by Father Simeon.