Sunday, June 17, 2018


A small voice calling to us  - 
the still small voice of conscience 
to make the grace-filled choice.

A brief gesture -  
smile or kindness offered in time. 
Or short prayer.

Or outside 
the smallest flower, 
the tiniest bug or bird or blade of grass
is sudden hope and joy.

Doing a bit more this time,
going a big further, 
sitting still and listening a little longer,
doing the opposite - offering a smile 
instead of despondency and ill-temper.

Little choices. Small deeds that matter.

All good things, choices made
confident in his love, 
with us always, 
so ordinarily.

Then the kingdom happens:
God's way, 
God sway 
over the sad earth 
through us, for us, beyond us, within us.