Thursday, February 28, 2019

In Wonder

“Wonder requires us to acknowledge what we do not know or may never know, to acknowledge the limits of knowledge. It is then a different species of knowledge, a way of knowing that does not lead to certainties or truths about the world or the way things are or ought to be. It is a state of mind that, like being in love, colors all we know.” 

Wonder lets us acknowledge wonders and miracles. Wonder is born of faith and leads to deeper faith, deeper love. It allows uncertainties, hurts and failures. Wonder brings us to the interior secret of knowing ourselves fragile and at the same time treasured by God in Christ.

Like love, wonder allows all things, believes all things. It let’s be, let’s God be God, magnificent, extravagant but also hidden and quiet and unremarkable. Wonder says, ‘Yes.’ It does not demand certitude but relaxes into a way of knowing that is beyond neat categories and complex argument. Beginning in wonder means I welcome Christ drawing me, working in my life, in our lives together in ways we do not ask for. Wonder says, “Yes,” or even, “Why not.”

As Anne Sexton says, “Too much is happening for even big hearts to hold.” And with work to do and contradictions at every turn, perhaps the Lord is inviting us simply to wonder and most of all to trust Him, minute by minute, day by day, over and over.

Photograph by Brother Brian. Quotations from Peter de Bolla, Art Matters.