Sunday, February 3, 2019

One Thing

...if you want to speed on your travels and make a good journey each day, you should hold these two things often in your mind - humility and love. That is: I am nothing; I have nothing; I desire only one thing. You shall have the meaning of these words continually in your intention, and in the habit of your soul, even though you may not always have their particular form in your thought, for that is not necessary. Humility says, I am nothing; I have nothing. Love says, I desire only one thing, and that is Jesus.  Walter Hilton

Cold and damp today.

A crust of snow covers the ground, marked here and there with turkey and rabbit tracks.

We long for Christ yet often wonder how to get there.

Father William M gave us these words of the fourteenth century English mystic, Walter Hilton, this morning and set us securely on the way.