Wednesday, April 1, 2020

His Passion and Ours

The Passion will crush Jesus in every possible way; indeed it will destroy him insofar as human eyes can tell. And yet his obliteration will be like the crushing of grapes, a destruction that horribly disfigures the fruit’s original shape and integrity yet only in order to transform it into an inebriating elixir of life for others to drink and rejoice ecstatically. God can use men’s evil intentions to achieve magnificent ends. If he could not, would he still be the omnipotent, wise and loving Creator of all? The constant marvel throughout, the unfathomable divine mystery that provides the key to the Passion and the Cross, is this truth of Revelation: that, at the threshold of the Passion, the Father—whose love for his only-begotten Son is the very foundation of both the Godhead and of all creation—did not love us sinners less than he loves the one Son.

 Crucifix of Fra Innocenzo da Palermo, 1637, Assisi, San Damiano. Meditation by Father Simeon.