Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Saint Scholastica

Once upon a time Scholastica went to visit her twin brother Benedict. They spent the day in spiritual conversation and dined together. As it began to get dark, Scholastica begged her brother to stay there all night, so that they could continue speaking of the joys of heaven. But Benedict could not be persuaded. The sky was clear and cloudless, as Scholastica joined her hands, bowed her head, and prayed ardently to God.  Suddenly there was such a rainstorm with lightning and thunder, that Benedict could not possibly depart. He was very annoyed and said to his sister, "God forgive you. What have you done?" She answered, "I wanted you to stay, and you would not listen to me; so I asked our good Lord, and he  granted my request." And so, they spent the whole night in heavenly conversation and comforted one another. 

Reflecting on the power and efficacy of Scholastica's prayer, Saint Gregory the Great will remark, "It's no wonder at all. Those who love more can do more." It is love after all that must empower our prayer. We beg God's mercy because sometimes, we have not loved enough.