Friday, January 28, 2022

For Vocations

Please pray with us for vocations to the monastic life:

O Jesus, Friend, and Good Shepherd,

with you, we surrender ourselves to the Father’s will.

Teach us to repeat with you 

our yes to all the Father desires.

Lord, have mercy.

Christ, have mercy.

Lord, have mercy.


In communion with all the saints, we pray.

Make us witnesses before the world of what we have seen 

and heard and believe, so that all people may 

recognize you as their only Lord and God.

Make us brothers with you who have gathered us 

to live the mystery of community.

Send our community men willing to leave everything 

to follow you in poverty and weakness.


Blessed Mary, Queen of Cîteaux, pray for us!

Saint Robert, Saint Alberic, and Saint Stephen, 

    founders of our Order, pray for us!

Saint Bernard, Saint Aelred, and Saint Humbeline, pray for us!

Blessed Guerric and Blessed Beatrice, pray for us!

Blessed Gervais Brunel, Paul Charles, Elie Desgardin, 

    martyrs of the French Revolution, pray for us!

Blessed Cyprien Tansi, pray for us!

Saint Raphael and Blessed Mary-Joseph Cassant, pray for us!

Blessed Maria Gabriella pray for us!

Blessed Martyrs of Tibhirine and Viaceli, pray for us!

Saint Charles de Foucauld, pray for us!


Good and tender Jesus, with you we offer ourselves to the Father. 

Help us to serve and obey like you, in self-forgetful love.

O Jesus, gentle and humble of heart, grant us your peace, 

for you are the source of our trust and hope, now and forever. Amen.